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The Short of It
The Players
The Grooms: The fighters. Gain more power and skill from possessing their true bride and bonding with them. Can steal brides from other grooms. Will eventually go berserk without their bride and will do most anything to protect them.
The Brides: The power sources and the healers. Provide support for their grooms. Are typically submissive (not always sexually, however) to their grooms, can be rebellious. Are in charge of calming their groom down and taking care of them, as grooms can often be headstrong and not mindful of their own needs. Physical intimacy with them creates weaponry which comes from their body.
Revolutionizing the World: The main goal of the existence of all brides and grooms. Seems to be creating a new world especially for the successful bride and groom pair, but its true nature is uncertain.
The Council of the Rose: Mysterious controllers of the whole dueling system. Dedicated to bringing revolution.

Come one, come all, see our most beautiful of shadow plays!

We have such a story for you today. What a tale, what a legend! Listen, listen, listen if you please.

There's strength in numbers, they say (do they say?). In this world, that's good advice, but in the world you find yourself in now (which you've been all your life, oh, you're sure to realize), it's reality! For once upon a time, long ago, there were many brave warriors in the universe, spread all over. Each and every one was mighty and glorious, just as one would expect of handsome and wonderful warrior-princes and princesses. But the powers that be, the ones that control the tick-tock-tick-tock whirling hands of the planets’ gears, they grew jealous and wrathful towards the warriors. To secure their own positions, those cruel ones ripped each and every fighter into two halves: the source and the arm with which to wield that source’s power. One is useless without the other, you see.

Tells us more, you must tell us more!

More, you say? These two halves of each soul lives on, to this very day, that much is known. Of course, not everyone is reborn from those shattered fragments; some are very boring and very normal humans and creatures. But not you, my sweet listeners. For you are special, you're the players of this game where you must duel others in order to keep your place in this world. How you came by this knowledge doesn't matter. How you came to this position from your normal, everyday life doesn't matter. The powerful but oh-so-generous founders of the game, the Council of the RoseYou are these shards living on, remaining in the forms of the brides and the grooms.

A wedding! There will be a wedding.

Be quiet. Before the wedding, there must be an engagement. That only makes sense! And we have to introduce the cast, don't we? The grooms first, then. Don't let the name fool you. Grooms can be male or female - it's the modern day, we're egalitarians! They're the warrior spirits, the muscle that swings the sword. So strong~! So brave! But that can be a bit of a problem. It's true! Without a proper bride to keep them in check, like any husband, a groom can go off the rails. All that energy with nowhere to focus it can't be good. The same thing may happen when their bride is threatened. It's of the upmost imperative for them to protect what is theirs!

When a groom meets a bride who may be their intended, they feel an indescribable longing and a need to possess them as their own, maybe even losing their own sanity the longer they stay away. Could anything be more terrible? Besides, without a bride, they can never reach their true potential. So it's not right that cold, unfeeling grooms treat their brides only as a tool or a means to an end. They should treat them like equals, like lovers, or maybe even better than themselves.

So it's essential not to underestimate the brides, again, male or female, even if they are usually submissive to their grooms (but not always in life and certainly not in the privacy of the bedroom, you know)! They're the weapon that the groom draws and the reason they can get stronger and more skilled. Not only that, but a bride can calm the ever-present turmoil inside a groom like no one else in the world can, serving as a grounding and healing force. They always, always, always support their groom and take care of them. In fact, without them, the groom will feel very unsettled, because most grooms can easily forget the importance of taking care of oneself! If a bride is rebellious and doesn't want to be one - how sad - there's nothing much that can be done...though the bride will begin to secretly feel unfulfilled until they act more kind. That's how a true romance should be, isn't it?

For each groom, there's only one bride. For each bride, though, there can be more than one groom.

What? What does that mean? Isn't that a betrayal of true love?

It is a tragedy! And all a rival groom has to do is defeat the other in combat and the bride goes to victor. That's why a bride and groom have to be perfectly in sync with each other and prepared for any challenge. They must know each others' bodies like they do their own and know exactly where the strength comes from. A kiss, full of passion, is how the groom can draw their weapon from their bride. That weapon takes a form that depends on their relationship.

Now, the engagements...

Never take anything less than a big diamond ring! It has to be that!

...well, that's true, but the engagements here, that's the first part of the contract to be together as is meant to be. The two must come together first with their bodies! How crude, we hear you cry. No, that's not the case at all. It may seem scandalous, yet sex between the bride and groom - it's only natural, and it's all right since there's no greater love than what comes from that bond. Romaaantique! The engagement is only the beginning, the trial period. There is much more physical contact to have, especially if you want to move up in the world. More and more sex (even if that does make it sound classless) just makes the connection between the bride and groom stronger, which makes the groom able to use more of the bride's energy and become stronger themselves. Then, if the sex is...shh, kinkier and more public, it can make the weapons you can summon that much more creative. So any self-respecting person should give it their all. We believe in you!

As for the wedding? Ah, that's the final key. That's a sensual ceremony and spell, you see! It forever binds the bride and groom together, making it impossible for other grooms to steal them away. Before you commit, though, it's always important to make sure you two are perfectly in step. If brides and grooms do not find their right companion, the curtains must fall. A bad match will mean that one of you could die in a duel, and without your partner, you cannot live on. You can never revolutionize this world and create your own.

...huh? What does "revolutionizing the world" mean? A good play doesn't reveal all its secrets. You'll have to find out the moral yourself!

Discovery: You've just found out your status as bride or groom. How do you respond?
First Sight: Oh, who is that? Whoever it is, your heart is already racing and your instincts are kicking in.
Engagement: It's a trial period for your bride/groom pairing, and you must get into sync.
Marriage: You've decided that this is the forever relationship you want and are prepared for the ceremony.
Unhealthy: In this relationship, the bride is viewed by the groom as their property. The bride themself may or may not have the self-esteem to match.
Adoration: Unlike the unhealthy relationship, in this bond, the groom puts the bride above all else and quite nearly worships them.
Reverse: The groom is the submissive here, wrapped around the bride's finger.
Housewife: A bride must take care of their groom's needs, especially when they forget to take care of themselves.
Fluff: There are actually fun, loving moments between the well-adjusted bride and groom, even in the most volatile of scenarios.
Calm: It's a rare time of peace where the bride and groom can be almost domestic.
Heal: Injuries and mental hurts need to be taken care of in the same way power is gained, simultaneously strengthening the bond.
Assigned: The pairing of you and your bride or groom was not natural. You were picked strategically for each other.
Power Up: You have to become stronger. Luckily, you can get power right from the tap.
Need: You're desperate for your bride or groom, and your body and mind are rebelling against you because of it.
Training: A bride and groom must work as one, and this ability to practically read the other's thoughts must start in the bedroom.
Return: You two have been kept apart and are finally able to return to each others' presence.
Buck the Saddle: A rebellious bride must be evened out or the process will never work.
Step Up: You've actually been "promoted," so to speak, from bride to groom, though the origin of this change is unknown.
Mismatched: You've fallen in love with a bride when you're a bride or a groom when you're a groom.
Childhood: From the very beginning of your life, you have been brought up as the perfect bride or groom.
Jealous: The person you really want isn't your bride or groom.
Possession: After seeing the wandering eyes of your bride or groom, you feel the need to remind them that it's you and them against the world.
Affair: You've decided to take your jealousy to the next level and go outside your engagement. You must be warned, physical intimacy outside of the intent to create a bride/groom pair is strictly frowned on.
In Want of a Blade: The two of you are working on what weapon your bond will make. Remember, the more kinky the sex, the more unique and powerful the weapon.
Before the Battle: A duel is imminent, and last-minute power recharges must be made.
Comfort: The events of the day didn't go as planned, and one of you needs reassuring.
Service: Related to the comforting scene above, yet here, someone - usually a bride - feels more obligated to sexually service their partner. Needless to say, this is less warm and fuzzy than the desire or need to comfort.
Berserker: Your bride has been threatened. You must destroy anyone who could have harmed them. Can you be brought back from the brink.
Double Trouble: At least one of you in your pair is sadistic and looks for other bride and groom duos to torment, both physically and sexually, even if they don't want to duel. The other party is willing or at the very least unable to be noncompliant.
Kindness: You're a caring partnership that takes other brides and grooms under your wing.
To Your Tastes: A good bride can know what a groom wants even before the groom does, including new sexual activities and kinks.
The Sword is Mightier: It's time to draw your weapon. Physical intimacy is the way to unholster it.
Need a Boost: Right in the middle of a duel, the groom's strength is fading. Even if it means having sex in front of an audience, this must be rectified no matter what.
Victor: The duel ended in your favor. That's worthy of celebration.
To Be Left Alone: Your bride or groom is leaving you. It is your duty to convince them to stay.
Defeat: The battle didn't go your way. Your bride or groom has been slain in front of your eyes; if you're a bride, perhaps it was to get at you. Your humiliation is cinched by your being claimed.
Groom vs. Grooms: Occasionally, grooms will choose to fight each other. There is only one way to completely defeat your opponent without your bride and thoroughly make them grovel.
Forced to Become a Bride: In continuation of the above, some grooms have found ways to turn their competitors into brides themselves. After forcing them into their new role, an engagement is imminent.
Off the Grid: The two of you don't want to fight others, you just want to live together in peace as normal lovers. Of course, that's easier in theory than in practice.


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